Cultural buildings are inspiring instruments to understand who we are, our behaviors, traditions and values

ARSYN creates strong concepts that bring people together in various fields of their cultural lives. Through in-depth research into the specific areas, functions and themes we can develop a series of analysis that bring the clients closer to an understanding of their identity and spatial needs. We design buildings and spaces that enhance, display and discuss specific themes and content in a balance of sensuous and intellectual expressions – whether the program is a maritime center, a museum or a musical school.  

Our design approach is analytic, and we seek to understand the identity, character and potential of the cultural building or site. After this we design through a series of scenarios and prototypes. The goal for the final design is to be remarkable and to inspire and engage more people in a diverse cultural context. 

The dynamics and development of our culture are important in many of our projects. ​

The project also includes a system to collect rainwater and secure the area from flooding in the years to come.

Nyborg Marina

ARSYN has designed a new multifunctional building at Nyborg Marina, which will provide water sports in Denmark completely new opportunities. A large water sports facility with multi-purpose basin and partially heated seawater will transform the area at the harbor to a lively destination for water sports with a wide range of water activities like kayaking, water hiking, standup paddling, swimming pools and sunbathing.

The vision of Nyborg Municipality is to create new and attractive maritime facilities for leisure activities, club life and cultures in an open mix that blend with the harbor environment – and where everyone should be welcome. The initiative is supported by the Danish Lokale- og Anlægsfonden, which hereby recognizes the great interest in outdoor water sports in Denmark, and introduces training, teaching and performative facilities which are not found elsewhere in Denmark.

The best daycare center in the world

Copenhagen is growing! Projections show that by 2025, 90 000 new residents will have moved to the city – 22 000 between the ages of 0 and 18. If we are to guarantee welfare for children in a future of fewer resources and increased demands for efficiency, it calls for innovation!

Entitled Kids City, NORD Architects Copenhagen, in close collaboration with COBE, PK3 Landscape Architects and the engineering company, Grontmij and the future users, have re-thought the way we create and operate day care. Kids City illustrates how the welfare buildings of tomorrow can guarantee that spatial quality and the highest level of welfare services can go hand in hand.