Sustainable Processes

We know the process by which we generate the physical environment have a huge impact on the result. ​

"Our purpose is to move society forward in the right direction. As architects we are involved in many different projects and also in the very beginning of them. We are able to bring knowledge from one area of society to another, which is the basis for innovation and development of the public, private and civic areas. As architects we have the privilege to move seamlessly from one area to next and thereby connect knowledge and expertise from one area of society to another. To be able to do this we have developed new tools and ways of designing."

In our projects we have pioneered user driven design, co-creation, citizen involvement as a Nordic approach to engage knowledge and experts into our designs in new and innovative ways. We investigate and become experts in the typologies we work on. We start designing by getting deep knowledge and insights of the end users of our designs.

We use evidence-based research as the focal point of our designs and where it is not available, we make informed design decisions by engaging with our users and by using our knowledge and expertise developed through countless processes. We work on complex projects from the beginning to the end and thrive to design.