Office spaces should cater for diverse and dynamic work environments

We design new flexible office buildings that can be let for one or more tenants, and we help our clients analyze existing buildings and test them according to their needs. This is an important ballast of experience, compiled largely through the last six years by assignments for the Danish State. We have accomplished several in-depth analysis and workshops with very different organizations and have developed functional demands for building types such as a new court building, government administrations, tax offices and a new architecture school

A city hall for people

The new City Hall is designed with integrated sustainable solutions such as solar cells, planted facades, natural ventilation, rainwater recycling systems and local drainage of surface water. The building will be energy optimized with a focus on a good indoor climate in which the employees will have influence on their own surroundings.

The building will be designed with so-called “wise square meters” where several of the rooms can be used for multiple purposes – to serve both traditional city hall functions and citizen-oriented activities outside office hours. It is estimated that the municipality will reduce annual operating costs by about 8 million DKK by combining their activities in a single joint city hall.

Creative client consulting

Our client consulting is creative and is based on experiences from all phases of the building process – from developing the program to designing the building. We formulate the basis for the project in close collaboration with the client. The projects’ complexity is solved with an understanding for the social or commercial dynamic that defines the project for the client. We are a credible collaborator and we build relations on trust.

We create content, before we create solutions. We work systematically to gain information about all the needs of the users and client. This process results in built projects of extraordinary quality, having been co-created with the people who will use them.