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Ginyaki Peshawar

Location: Peshawar, Pakistan

Area: 2700 sft

Year: 2022

An old multi floor complex was transformed into a modern architectural style hip café. The aim was to produce a young ambiance while keeping the space friendly to every type of person. To achieve this the design team used subtle materials with a splash of contrasting colours, punctures were made through out the ceiling to connect various levels of café through the use of visual angles.


Area : 6000 sqft

Location : Gulberg Mall, Lahore

Year: 2021

Rare is a steakhouse nestled in the metropolitan city of Lahore. The restaurant is designed as a dark, rustic eatery with details such as bull heads and hanging butcher’s knives to further add to the atmosphere. A dark color palette is complemented by the brand color red which adds to the striking character of the space. Ambient lighting, spaces within spaces, power walls and the use of green elements add to the overall aura of the eatery.