Changing demographics call for new innovative solutions for Restaurents

NORD designs a large variety of typologies in different housing projects that share social sustainability as a common feature. We are involved in youth housing, senior housing as well as villages for people with dementia. These projects often break down the borders between young and old, singles and families, home and institution, being sick and well. We challenge the conventional ways of living by suggesting more diversity, co-existence and intergenerational relations between people. 

We design for a high degree of flexibility and differentiation, with integration of the local community, landscape or urban areas and often link facilities. Integrating public functions, like a daycare center, restaurant, research center or a foodbank into a residential project can create new synergies and destinations for the neighborhood.

Villa Wood

Partner Morten Rask Gregersen’s private house, built in Brønshøj, is both a private residence and an exploration for NORD Architects of new materials, typology and construction techniques that can be used in future projects. The interesting thing about the house is in particular the sustainable massive wood elements, CLT, which is the primary material. Incidentally, the building is designed for separation, ie. the materials can be separated according to the life of the house and recycled.

The house is composed of two floors and a high basement. The living room and 1st floor are built in massive wood elements. The elements are finished with lye, giving the whole house a light and natural look. The exterior of the building is covered with charred douglas pine done in the Japanese Shou sugi ban method, were the wood is charred to give it low mainenence and to protect the wood. 

Vertically the house is partially open where the stairs come up through the floors and natural ventilation is created. Fresh air intake takes place through openable windows and is pulled out through the skylights. In winter, the house is heated with the help of a heat exchanger, as well as underfloor heating on all floors. Passive solar heating occurs when the sunlight shines into the large open spaces to the south and west.

Intergenerational living creates a social network that makes communities stronger and more attractive.

Care homes on Kellersvej

n the fast pace of today’s society it can be hard to fit in with the complexity of daily life, if you have special needs.

With the proposal for the future care homes for the intellectually disabled at Kellersvej, NORD Architects and collaborators created al as city within the city – a safe haven where residents can live independently with plenty of opportunities for socializing, support, life and culture. The ambitions is to create an easier, more social and more accessible neighborhood for the residents and their relatives. By creating a village-like setting with a countryside feeling, the neighborhood creates a diverse, controlled and safe area, giving residents the opportunity to live a normal and independent life.

The care home village invite relatives inside and let the residents meet them at eye level and with a dignity that helps in giving the feeling of the good life.

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