Our Profile ​

We, at ARSYN, believe that architecture is a collaborative process guided by close coordination between our team and the clients. Each project of ours is treated differently yet equally while staying true to the building typology, functionality of space, the user’s need and the architectural aesthetic it shall embed.

After a detailed analysis of the requirements of the client and the site, we take the project towards its architectural execution to deliver a climate responsive and user-friendly design. From the start till the end, the client is kept involved and their concerns are deeply acknowledged with empathy.

Portfolio ​

Our projects are created together with the customers and users

ARSYN makes buildings, urban spaces and urban development, that take part in developing healthy and coherent communities with respect for diversity and people’s life situation. Co-existence is a fundamental quality for sustainable cities – one we work with in all our projects.

ARSYN is a cross-disciplinary consulting company. We believe in developing content before we develop solutions. We involve the users in our architecture both before and during the creative process. This approach enriches the projects and results in the best possible solution for each user.


We are a team of qualified and creative individuals who strive to achieve perfection in each detail of our work. Each team member of ours has their own honest style and worldview that uniquely adds to the beauty of finished products yet abiding to the company’s principles and work ethic.

Arslan Alvie: ​

Co-founder/ Partner:

B-Arch NUST Islamabad- Pakistan, Master in urbanism USYD, Sydney- Australia.

Architecture, for me, has been a domain where I perceive and observe my surroundings and try to give back to the community to the best of my creative abilities. I, as an architect, believe that addressing issues with an explorative and thoughtful process further gives birth to innovative design solutions. In my own design practice, I keep a keen eye on achieving the right aesthetic that is inspired from a blend of nature and the cultural context while keeping in mind the functionality of space.

Rao Umair Afzaal: ​

Co-founder/ Partner ​

B-Arch NUST Islamabad- Pakistan, Master in urbanism USYD, Sydney- Australia.

Every day in architecture is a new challenge. I approach each project as if it’s my first, spending time on understanding the project and its details and take it from a sketch on paper to its execution. I have been fortunate to work as an architect in various countries including Pakistan, Japan, UAE and Australia, through which I found that no matter how old or mundane the program might sound like, there is always room for exploration, creativity and discovery. In my own practice, I try to understand the need of clients and welcome the constraints as it provides the designer something to work off from.